Smart Business Card - Template

Istantly save contacts to the phone with a click, eliminating small, unreadable details and space limitations. Stand out with a user-friendly and innovative solution.

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Diphy Bridge Business Card

More than 130 design

Select your perfect business card template from a collection of 130 options.

Logo & Profile Picture

Make yourself immediately recognizable by showcasting your face and company logo.

Easy Bridging

Make the passage from the Pysichal to the Digital World easy and smooth.

Diphy Bridge Business Card

Smart Printable QR Code

Make your print material intelligent with crisp, detailed QR Codes. Perfect for brochures, flyers, cards, and more. Ensure an easy connectivity and effortless reachability for your audience.

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Connect Everything

Enjoy the freedom of bridging your whole Digital world by using a simple QR Code.

Print it Everywhere

Print it all around your marketing material, seize every sale opportunity.

Made of Everyone

Compatible with any smartphone and operating system.

Smart VCard

A vCard is a digital business card that stores contact information. It simplifies sharing and automatically save the contacts to any device,making networking and contact exchange efficient.

Auto-Save Contacts Details

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Diphy Bridge VCard

Auto-Save Contacts Instantly

Save contacts effortlessly with a single click on any device.

Sleek & Professional Impressions

Elevate your professional image with sleek and modern digital business cards.

Effortless Networking Everywhere

Share contact details easily, enhancing your networking experience across all platforms.

Diphy Bridge Landing Page

Smart Landing Page

Your mini informational website. Personalize branding, upload audio, embed videos, showcase featured articles, implement carousels, create quick links, set up Q&A or FAQs, and more.

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More than 30 templates

Select your perfect landing page template from a collection of 31 options.

Logo & Profile Picture

Make yourself immediately recognizable by showcasting your face and company logo.

Make it your Hub

Centralize your information organizing vital links and messages for easy access.

Diphy Bridge Free Hosting

Free Hosting

Enjoy complimentary hosting for your landing page or Vcard system - no extra charges. Your digital presence is powered and accessible to your audience at no additional expense.

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Personal Photo & Logo

Showcase your unique identity with personalized photos and logos on business cards and landing pages. Make a lasting impression with a touch of individuality.

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Diphy Bridge Double Picture
Diphy Bridge Description Area

Main Description

Introduce yourself authentically with a Main Description on your landing page. Share your story, highlight your strengths, and captivate visitors with a personal touch.

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Social Icons

Enhance your landing page by showcasing your social presence. Choose to display social icons with direct links, connecting visitors to your vibrant online world.

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Diphy Bridge Social Media Area
Diphy Bridge Audio Area

Upload Native Audio

Amplify your presence! Share your voice directly on your landing page by effortlessly uploading native audio to express your ideas, projects, or anything that matters to you.

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Upload Your Own Images

Personalize your link previews! Upload your own images on your landing page to tailor the visual experience and showcase your unique identity with every link.

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Diphy Bridge Upload your own images
Diphy Bridge Youtube Area

Upload Youtube Video

Bring your landing page to life! Add your unique touch by uploading your own YouTube videos. Showcase your projects, tell your story, or share exciting updates in a more engaging and personalized way.

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Call to Action Cards

These dynamic cards, without images, offer quick actions like downloading your vCard, making a call, sending a message, listening a audio, watching a video, and much more.

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Diphy Bridge Call to Action Cards
Diphy Bridge Featured Cards

Featured Cards

Cards with eye-catching images, detailed descriptions, and direct links, perfect for showcasing videos, audio, and key content to make a lasting impression.

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Carousel Cards

A dynamic way to present a series of web cards on your landing page. Swipe through captivating images, brief descriptions, and direct links for seamless exploration.

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Diphy Bridge Carousel Card Area
Diphy Bridge Review Cards

Review Cards

Display a series of captivating web cards with star ratings and user reviews for a compelling showcase of your work.

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Quick Links

Sleek, icon-based web cards stacked for easy navigation. Directly link to important actions without any clutter, offering seamless user engagement.

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Diphy Bridge Quick Links Cards
Diphy Bridge FAQ and QA Cards

QA - FAQ Area

Vertical stacks of cards with titles and expandable long descriptions. Share detailed answers or insights for each question, creating an informative and interactive experience.

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Logo on Footer

Enjoy a watermark-free experience with our Premium Plan. No Diphy Bridge logo clutter - just your content taking center stage. Elevate your brand with a clean and professional look, available exclusively in our Premium offering.

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Diphy Bridge Footer Watermark
Diphy Bridge Favicon Choose

Your Icon as Favicon

Upgrade to our Premium Plan for a personalized touch! Use your logo as the favicon, making your online presence uniquely yours. Exclusively available with our Premium offering.

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